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Name :   terri b
Location :   maryland
Comments :   
Name :   Kris
Location :   Edgewater
Comments :   hope you guys are succesful..
Name :   Tracey
Location :   Mayo,Md
Comments :   I am so very sorry for all these years for you not knowing..I will pass this e-mail to everyone I know, Good luck finding her and may God bless her friends and family
Name :   Donna
Location :   Edgewater
Comments :   I hope you find her one day.
Name :   Heather
Location :   Traverse City, MIchigan
Comments :   I hope you find her and I will pray for her. (check Michigan)
Name :   heather thomas
Location :   Charlottesville VA
Comments :   
Name :   Marlena
Location :   
Comments :   
Name :   Eileen Blankenship
Location :   Forestville, MD
Comments :   
Name :   Donna
Location :   Maryland
Comments :   I am Michael Lees sister. I thank Belinda, Toni and your mom for being so gracious to my mom and myself on our visit. It was very hard for all of us. I dont know what help our stories were but know from the bottom of our hearts our family truly hopes you
Name :   M Oliver
Location :   New York
Comments :   
Name :   Juanita (Teague) Swindell
Location :   Chesapeake Beach Md
Comments :   Leann was one of my Best Friends when we were in Jr. High at William Wirt. I pray to God the family get the closure they need. Leann I think about you often. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN
Name :   carol
Location :   scottsville, va
Comments :   find her..idk
Name :   
Location :   virgina
Comments :   what lisa said is what i would say i guess
Name :   
Location :   Virginia
Comments :   
Name :   Sarah
Location :   N Garden
Comments :   Im really sorry with what happen and I hope that everything works out and that Leann comes home safe!
Name :   levi gibson
Location :   palmyra va
Comments :   
Name :   Lisa Moore
Location :   North Garden, Virginia
Comments :   I dont know what to say, but I really hope this all gets figured out for the sake of everybody, Ill be thinking about you all and helping in any way possible.
Name :   Delores Moore
Location :   North Garden, Virginia
Comments :   Leann was my best friends sister. It would mean a lot to me if this could be discovered. Please do everything you can do to help. She was such a sweet little girl. Please help her. -Delores
Name :   Denise Boswell
Location :   Severn, MD
Comments :   My thoughts and prayers go out to Leann and her family. May you find some closure.
Name :   kimberley
Location :   largo, md
Comments :   I hope you find your sister, god bless your family
Name :   Donna W
Location :   indiana
Comments :   would love to help you in anyway i could , my prayers are with you all.along with her .
Name :   Cathy Faulk
Location :   Virginia
Comments :   God bless you and i hope they find closure for your case love your sister in law you never met and your brother lester
Name :   Carolyn Lowey
Location :   Berryville Va
Comments :   My prayers are for Leann and the family. I love you all. Carolyn and The family
Name :   
Location :   MD
Comments :   We miss n luv u!!!
Name :   Correna
Location :   Leechburg, PA
Comments :   I hope this brings some closure to this case, I miss and love you! You are all in my thoughts..
Name :   Mike & Cathy
Location :   Auburn Hills Mi
Comments :   
Name :   Christina Coutch
Location :   PA
Comments :   
Name :   Antonio Lewis
Location :   Laurel, MD
Comments :   We will continue to pray for Leann and family.
Name :   Anne Akers
Location :   Laurel
Comments :   Dear God , Please ! I ask for your strength and guidance to help Our family bring Leann Faulk home ,where she belongs !Please Bless each and everyone that has been touched by her presents. Amen
Name :   Tammy Sweem
Location :   Yelm, WA
Comments :   
Name :   Ken Belles
Location :   Phoenix, Arizona
Comments :   We miss her terrbily, and just want a closure on this for her entire family, if you can help in any way please do so, I know you will be blessed in heaven. Thank you and God Bless you.
Name :   Laura
Location :   Franklin
Comments :   please help found out what happened to my cousin she is dearly missed by all
Name :   Colleen Christian
Location :   Germantown Md
Comments :   Good luck guys i hope you find something
Name :   Heather
Location :   Laurel, Md
Comments :   Grew up in Riverdale and the Hyattsville area. Never knew of this case. Now that im a mother, my heart goes out to her mother and family. i will pray for the return of your daughter, so you can rest.
Name :   Craig M. Ardelean
Location :   Leechburg, Pa
Comments :   
Name :   Bill & Sandy Cibik
Location :   Leechburg, Pa. 15656
Comments :   We love and miss you very much. Also we hope they find you.
Name :   Dan Reinke
Location :   Pennsylvania
Comments :   I am Leanns cousin. I thank you for this Web Page and I truly hope it can bring closure to what may have happened to Leann.
Name :   Aunt Bonnie
Location :   Zanesville Ohio
Comments :   Miss you bunches, Love Aunt Bonnie.
Name :   Ruth Ann Baumgardner Good
Location :   Bel Air, MD
Comments :   My prayers are with you all that you will have some closure. I think of you all often.
Name :   Toni
Location :   Maryland
Comments :   Leann - My friend, There isnt a day that goes by that I dont think of you. I miss you more than words can say. I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss sharing everyday life experiences. You are forever in my heart.
Name :   Mary Salafia
Location :   Maryland
Comments :   God bless you all...and good luck finding what you are looking for. Most of all, I wish you peace. Love you, Belinda, and your family!
Name :   Stacy Fischer
Location :   
Comments :   My memories of you are vague,and I think of you all the time. I love hearing the family telling about their memories with you. Until we meet agian. Love you
Name :   Jeannine
Location :   Alexandria, VA
Comments :   Im thinking of you all.
Name :   Mary Holcombe
Location :   Las Vegas, NV
Comments :   I called people on our prayer line to pray for guidance & strength to go through this again. Hopefully you be be guided by GOD to find Leann. Prayers & love to you all.
Name :   Terry Marranconi
Location :   Sherwood, Arkansas
Comments :   Leann is my cousin...and I curse the evil that did this.
Name :   Belinda
Location :   Maryland
Comments :   I would like to THANK Rebecca for all her efforts. She has gone above and beyond her duty of FRIENDSHIP!! Our Family Thanks You! Love Ya, B
Name :   Baumgardners
Location :   Hyattsville, Md
Comments :   
Name :   Teresa
Location :   Leechburg, PA
Comments :   Leeann, I wanted you to know that I think of you often and always look to see if I might see you again one day. I love you and will never forget you! Love, Teresa
Name :   Rebecca F.
Location :   Maryland
Comments :   Our family wants to wish your family the best of luck in finding your daughter/sister. It may be a long time since this happened but the truth always comes out in the end.
Name :   Rich Jeffers
Location :   Laurel, MD
Comments :   I hope & pray that you find her... Im a friend of Belindas.
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