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DC, or direct current, technology has evolved significantly in recent years, and DC fans are now used in a wide range industrial, residential, and commercial cooling applications. Direct current fans utilize motors that feature built-in permanent magnets which attract (or repel) a rotor around an axis that is paired to inverters. This energy efficient fan design also produces less noise and lasts longer than other options.
申博Sunbet is a leading distributor of DC fans and other forced air cooling solutions. We offer square DC fans, splash-proof DC fans, centrifugal DC fans, and counter rotating DC fans from Sanyo Denki, YS Tech USA, Orion, and other top manufacturers. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.
Follow the links below to find the DC fan your application requires, request a quote, or contact 申博Sunbet to learn more. Our team will help you choose the perfect direct current fan for your unique needs.

Features & Benefits of Direct Current Fans

  • Minimal EMI (electromagnetic interference)
  • The most energy efficient fan option
  • Low noise
  • Lower voltage
  • Long life
  • 申博Sunbet offers DC fans in sizes from 36 mm to 200 mm

Common Applications for DC Fans

Because they operate so quietly, last so long, and produce minimal interference, direct current fans are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications. Durable construction and energy efficient performance make DC fans a highly effective forced air cooling solution for everything from HVAC systems to medical devices to robotics.
  • Aerospace: low noise/low EMI solution for exhaust and cooling applications in challenging conditions
  • Appliances: energy efficient fans for convection, cooling, exhaust, and ventilation in household appliances
  • Broadcast: low noise, low interference, and low power requirements for cooling remote broadcast equipment
  • Electronics: low EMI for cooling CPUs and other sensitive equipment
  • Food & Beverage: FDA-approved blower systems for air circulation, exhaust, cooling, and drying food products
  • IT & Communications: low-interference cooling fans for computer networking and communications equipment
  • Material Handling: powerful blower systems for collecting sawdust, wood chips, grain, sand, etc.
  • Medical & Dental: temperature control in MRI systems, ultrasound devices, defibrillators, etc.
  • Oil & Gas: long working life for continuous cooling applications in demanding environments
  • Power Generation: boiler cooling systems, ventilation, dust collection, etc.
  • Robotics & Automation: low power/low EMI fans for cooling, ventilation, fume exhaust, etc.
  • Security: low noise solution for cooling A/V equipment, data centers, LED lights/controls, etc.
  • Transportation: climate control in public transit vehicles and equipment

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