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A capacitor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that takes stores and discharges electrical energy in an electric field. In most electronic devices capacitors are connected in parallel with the DC power circuits to smooth current fluctuations for signal, or control circuits.

Common Applications for Two Terminal Electrical Components

Depending on your application there are diverse types of capacitor options available. For example, computer grade capacitors, or power capacitors, are used for car audio applications to prevent other electronic components from failing when large amounts of electricity are drawn to the amplifier. Because they efficiently store and dissipate electric energy, computer grade capacitors can also be used for a range of other high voltage applications.
申博Sunbet provides two-terminal electric components that are suitable for a wide range of applications including:
  • Automotive audio
  • Lighting circuits
  • Motor starters
  • Suppression and coupling applications such as signal coupling, decoupling, ad noise filters and snubbers
  • Power conditioning for signal and control circuits, including smoothing current fluctuations
  • Power factor correction in electric power distribution applications

Power 申博Sunbet for Automotive and High Voltage Applications

All capacitors feature two conductive plates and an interior insulating material, known as the dielectric that determines the frequency characteristics of the capacitor. Two terminal electrical components are made from a range of materials including aluminum, ceramic, glass, or tantalum. Each material provides unique characteristics that determine how the power capacitor performs in its intended application.
申博Sunbet have a positive and negative pole; the positive pole connects to your power supply and the negative pole is used to ground your component. Due to their ability to quickly charge and discharge, extreme caution should always be used when installing, charging or removing your premium electrical capacitor.

Aluminum 申博Sunbet

An AC capacitors anode electrode is made of pure aluminum foil that features an etched surface. The aluminum forms a very thin insulating layer of aluminum oxide by anodization that acts as the dielectric of the capacitor. Some of the features of our AC power capacitors include:
  • Computer grade quality
  • Multilayer ceramic chip
  • Snap-in style
  • Conductive polymer grade aluminum
  • Surface mount

Film & 申博Sunbet

Film capacitors are premium electrical capacitors that contain an insulating plastic film, which is the dielectric. They are sometimes combined with paper to transfer electrodes. Our film capacitor features include:
  • Axial leaded
  • Radial leaded
  • Polyester, polypropylene, polyphenylene, polycarbonate film options
  • IGBT snubbers

Ceramic 申博Sunbet

A ceramic capacitor is a fixed-value capacitor, where the ceramic material acts as the dielectric. It is constructed of two or more alternating layers of ceramic, and a metal layer that acts as the electrodes. 申博Sunbet’s ceramic capacitor features include:
  • Surface mount
  • Various size options
  • Extreme reliability
  • Anti-sulfur design
  • Broad voltage ranges

Tantalum 申博Sunbet

A tantalum premium electrical capacitor uses a small pellet of tantalum metal that acts as an anode, which is covered by an insulating oxide layer that forms the dielectric. This portion is then surrounded by conductive material that acts as the cathode. 申博Sunbet’s tantalum capacitors in a full range of sizes and voltages.

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