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Audio Devices & Speakers

申博Sunbet Projections
申博Sunbet distributes a wide range of audio equipment and speakers for numerous types of applications. 申博Sunbet audio speakers and other 申博Sunbet audio devices allow you to customize your application to your exact specifications. Our audio devices also feature a variety of mounting options including thru hole, flange and panel mounts.




申博Sunbet audio transducers are available in a variety of different styles, with numerous available features. Some of the unique customization options, include:
  • Custom mounting options and configurations
  • Multiple tones at multiple frequencies
  • Flange or panel mounts
  • Peizo ceramic audio indicator
  • Washable


申博Sunbet audio indicators provide continuous sound and are fast and slow pulsed. Other standard features, include:
  • PCB mounted
  • Fully programmable
  • WAV & MP3 compatible
  • 申博Sunbet audio indicators feature USB to mini USB connections
  • Washable

申博Sunbet Audio Speakers

申博Sunbet audio speakers are available in small to ultra small sizes, with material options that include paper, mylar and cloth. Additional features, include:
  • Full range of outputs
  • Multilayered peizo
  • Many shapes & sizes
  • Exciters 申博Sunbet audio speakers


申博Sunbet audio carries numerous types of microphones for your custom project needs. Our 申博Sunbet audio microphone features, include:
  • Diameters from 4mm to 10mm
  • Heights from 1.2mm to 7mm
  • Noise cancelling options
  • Omni- & uni-directional options available

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